Work Hard 

Yesterday a friend and I were discussing how millennials get talked about for job hopping, even when it’s in our best interest.  I definitely think it’s true and that it happens for other reasons as well. Sometimes I think we [I] are just wondering if it’s possible to leave a job simply because we’re not happy.  I’m NOT saying that bills and other responsibilities shouldn’t also be considered. I’m just saying I also don’t think it’s healthy to have a society that focuses so much on appearances that people are more likely to “push through” a job or situation that makes them unhappy because of societal pressures/norms. 

It sounds cliche, but, as it’s something I’ve experienced, I wish we were able to put more importance on our own happiness. It’s sad when we have to accept not being satisfied with things in our life. Feeling like we don’t have a choice or nothing will improve anyway. Or to take the chance isn’t worth it because you’ll be ridiculed for it. 

At the end of the day, I’d just like it to be okay for people to strive for happiness in their lives. 

Because otherwise…what’s the point?