Just the good and the bad

Got up and went to church w/ a friend of mine. Had a nice time. I’m tired, but it was worth it, had fun on Google+ with my sisters 🙂

After church, came back and sitting…just trying to decide when to exercise, but my first thought upon sitting down, was that I would like to call my mother. Saw a picture on instagram of someone w/their mother, then I’m watching this live skydive thing (random, I know) and they show the dude’s mom. I’m like, alright, that’s enough mom stuff for one day lol

Anyway, I’ve had a good weekend all in all. Got some work done, got a little rest. That’s nice. Still have a lot to do though.

But man, I really miss my mom. Not looking for anything, don’t need anything, just how I’m feeling.


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