My Reminder


2 thoughts on “My Reminder

  1. Sigh….. I am still looking for this point in myife wondering if I’ll ever get there or will just keep covering up :*(

    I love you Ade! Keep believing and keep your head up 🙂 I love you more and more. Always and forever

    • De says:

      You can do it, madame. It is by no means an easy process, which I know you know, but (like another process we have both endured) you can do it. I know we have different stories, but it has not been an easy path for me either..and this is a reminder, because the thoughts in my head are still there & I still sometimes want to not eat or think about throwing up, etc. It’s a daily remember Romans 12:1-2 🙂 I think that scripture is big..renewing our minds daily, even in this area, and then taking baby steps. It’s def God helping me, because undoubtedly my flesh puts up a fight, ya know? And sometimes additional help is needed…& I have fought that too lol my dean & LS’s are a testament to that (poor ace). But I know you can do it..I believe in you and in God working in you and your life…don’t give up. A day at a time & keep going..and I”m always here to support you. I love you too, so so very much! Always!

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