Happy Birthday

Today (8/22/12)…or yesterday depending on when this posts,is my mom’s birthday. Wasn’t a particularly eventful day. Went to class,went to chipotle (which did cheer me up…I mean,it’s Chipotle)..went to the bookstore,came home.

For the better part of the day I didn’t feel anything. Not happy,not sad,not angry,not even indifferent. There was a split second in class where I got sad & I thought a tear might come out of it. But it didn’t. Probably because I was in class. Now as the day is drawing to a close,though,I have found myself feeling a bit more,I guess. Hence the post…I guess. Idk. Nothing new to add,but…I guess I feel the need to document these days. For better or for worse. Not sure which of the aforementioned types today was. But it is over now, in any case.

Happy Birthday,Lady. I don’t even know if they celebrate birthdays in heaven,but like sis said,if so,I’m sure you had a ball. I miss you and I love you.


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