Where is Heaven?

Ace told me to read this book she had called, “Where is Heaven?”. It’s about a guy who goes and spends time with some terminally ill children. He isn’t a shrink or a doctor,but,as he describes it, a clown or goofball. A “go-between” between the kids and the adults. It’s a very interesting book. I like it a lot thus far,though there are certainly some parts that are sad. Anyway,I read this just now and wanted to post it. He was talking about how the kids sometimes want to bargain (if I get well/don’t have to stay in my bed, etc., I’ll do _______),but since so many things are unknown,he tries to get them to make good bargains:

I’ll love you if you love me. 
I’ll tell the truth if you do.
I’ll try to understand how you feel if you try to understand how I feel.
Let’s trade hugs.
Let’s trade secrets.
Let’s trade fears.

Just thought that was interesting. I may write more about the book later/when I finish.


One thought on “Where is Heaven?

  1. Nice! I like! Can’t wait to see more.

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