Dear Mom,

I miss you. I had a rough semester this semester. It seems to have ended pretty well though, so far I have 2 As and I’m waiting on one more class which will likely be a B. When I saw the results about the As, you were one of the first people I wanted to tell. I’m close to graduation and I keep thinking about what I would like to do. I’m not sure exactly. I’m not even sure what I would like to do long term, though I have ideas. I wish I could run them by you.

I think you would be proud of me. This is still so hard and still so fresh. I miss you so much.

I think my sister & I are doing ok..I’m trying to be supportive and helpful to her..I know she misses you too. It’s hard for both of us to adjust to life without you. I wonder if she almost reaches to call you sometimes. Or thinks that she should tell you something, good news or bad.

I wrote in my last post that Mother’s Day is coming up. I remember I wrote you a poem once lol

Anyway. Just felt like writing. There is a lot I wish I could talk to you about. Sit down in your office or at the kitchen table and tell you about life. Show you the things I’ve cooked. Have you talk to my friends when they need it. Just…to talk sometimes. Or call you to tell you that I’m hungry & I don’t know what to eat lol

Love you, Lady.


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