A Letter For You Pt. 1

For all of us who need it…

I think I would like to write a 2nd part of this…but this is what I have..thought I would post it anyway.


Today I woke up and decided I could

Decided I can

Decided I would

Today I got up and decided to try

Decided to live

Decided to cry

Today I looked at myself and said I can win

Decided to believe

Decided to begin

Today, I agree, today will be hard

[But] Today will be different

I’ll let down my guard

Today I’ll listen to no one but You

Ignore all other voices

As I become new

Today, tomorrow, the days to come

I’ve decided I’ll trust You, until Your work is done


2 thoughts on “A Letter For You Pt. 1

  1. rdavis3 says:

    love this…a lot!

  2. De says:

    thanks 🙂 wrote it w/you in mind too.

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