Ordinary Day

Has anyone ever heard this song? I love Michael Buble’s voice…was listening to a playlist I made of his songs on Youtube as I do some work and decided to stop and look up the lyrics to this song…I know (or am pretty sure at least) that he didn’t write this song, but I like how he sings it. The words are such an accurate description of how I feel sometimes. Definitely how I used to feel all the time. My favorite line, thus far, is the following:

 Some days in a haze/ there’s brighter days/ funny how the feeling never stays/

/But I’ll have to come to terms when I’m awake/

I think I like those lines because there are days where I feel…normal? I guess. I feel fine. But then I really sit and think about everything and it kind of dampens and darkens things sometimes. Or like things will never be quite as great as they can be. I can’t/won’t be as happy as I can be. I don’t know that I actually believe that..or at least I’m starting not to believe it, but it feels true very often.

I’m struggling right now, this song definitely makes me sad and yet, I keep replaying it lol Funny how that works with some things…I think it is a beautiful song, either way.


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