My favorite memory of you is…

I’m not sure I have one favorite memory, but when I tried to think of something that happened often, of course what came to mind was you singing.

My sister has a 20 second vid she posted of you singing The Temptations’ song, “I Wish It Would Rain”…you always loved to sing. Pretty much anything, but let The Temptations, The O’Jays, Aretha Franklin, Patti, Otis Redding, or the like come on and you grabbed a mic and started belting out all the lyrics..or all the words you thought should be lyrics.

I’m pretty sure I would give you this look like, “Seriously. Right now?!” But as I got older, I just sang along or watched in amusement until you finished. The songs were complete with dance movements and facial expressions. You hit (or tried to hit) every note, from falsetto to tenor. Which also reminds me of how you constantly refer(ed) to yourself as sounding like Barry White! Without fail, at church when you gave the announcements for Children’s Church, as soon as you got the microphone, you would say, “I know I sound like Barry White”…and I would always roll my eyes and think, “NO ONE THINKS THAT!”

Like I wrote in an earlier post, I’m pretty sure I got my early start towards old music from you and, looking back, I enjoyed the times when you sang..even if I was embarrassed sometimes.


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