Few thoughts

The lady gave me this book…it’s called For Every Season or something like that. It has different questions and scriptures in it and I’m supposed to write about things and interact with the scriptures. She said I can answer the questions on my blog if I want to,so I might do that.

I watched a 22 -minute video of my mom…it was really nice to see her and hear her,I think I had started to forget what her voice sounded like. And I since I hadn’t seen in her in awhile,even with all the pictures,my most “recent” memory of her is from the wake/funeral. I’m glad to have the video instead. On the other side,though,watching the video made me feel like she was at home. And that she would be there when I got there. That….I just couldn’t call her or anything like that,but when I got home, she would/will be there. 


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