In Passing

Given what tomorrow is, there is bound to be a longish post coming at some point from me…either tonight or tomorrow. Randomly..and I mean WAY randomly…I just kinda started crying. Just as quick as the tears came, they left. But I was just sitting here, getting ready to start on some work, listening to the Beatles and..boom. I think because tomorrow is the anniversary and tomorrow is the last day of classes. It’s first semester of graduate school has ended. I didn’t think I would make it half the time lol But I did…and I did it…and she wasn’t/isn’t here. real life..I would have been telling her all week leading up to the day that it was the last day of classes. And she would tell me that she was proud of me and that I did it. And then that she couldn’t wait to see me for Christmas. I would be echoing her sentiment…and telling her how I couldn’t believe I made it though either lol And she would say praise God, that I did it and with His help and she knew I could do it…


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