Advice from me to me

The problem isn’t that you aren’t _____________ (beautiful, loved, valued,important, forgiven, worth it, etc..fill in the word you don’t think you are or don’t deserve to be). The problem is that you haven’t realized it yet. When you let go of all the lies you believe about yourself, the freedom you desire will come. It’s not in doing whatever you can so you “feel free”. (going back to realizing who we are in Christ)

We fall short, in our minds, when we compare ourselves to other people, but, in essence, we shouldn’t be comparing ourselves to anyone. We can only be who God made us to be. Any changes/alterations are to be like Him and follow what he says. Not to accommodate or be like anyone else. The challenge, then, is to be you. Unapologetically.

Everyday when you wake up, determine to be you and no one else.

Remember that everyone is not going to be ok with that, necessarily. And that is ok. You answer to God first and yourself second. Everyone else is just extra.


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