Analyzing the Analytical Analyst

The title…yea. lol Idk.

I think WAY too much. I recognize this. It’s how I interact with the world around me, I guess. I [like to] look at things from about 333 (yes. I did it lol) different angles and then take those angles and come up with 3,333 different solutions. But then, of course, my hypotheses are sometimes proven wrong if/when they involve someone else and it turns out what I was thinking was way off.

It does come in handy sometimes. I like to be informed before making a decision. Weighing options and all that. But sometimes…it leaves me feeling in the dark and alone. If my angles and solutions churn out something negative, then until I am proven wrong, I am left with this negative feeling. And I mull it around in my brain, stretching it and looking at it under a magnifying glass, sometimes putting it back in its folder until it is time to be re-examined again.

C’est la vie.


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