The Art of People Pleasing

I think I need to remind myself sometimes of what I write about. With the exception of my mom, I don’t want to repeat myself too much. Anyway. I probably touched on this before, but I have definitely come to realize in the past few months that I am an eccentric People Pleaser. And I do not like it. I do it very, very, often and most times with everyone. Even people who, if I was asked about it, I would say I don’t need to please them, but I still unconsciously (or sometimes consciously) do it. And if I’m to be honest, it is quite exhausting. I feel the need to make sure no one is offended by anyone at anytime in my circle, especially if I am the bridge between the two. Sometimes it can’t be helped and there is nothing I can do about it, but I usually try to. One thing I am trying to get through my head is that I can’t protect everyone all of the time and even more than that, in some instances I’m not supposed to. (and I don’t mean protect like from legit danger…hopefully it is understood what I mean) Just food for thought, I guess. I called this “The Art of People Pleasing” because to me and for me, it has to be an art lol But, like I said, it is exhausting. I can’t do everything. I realize that, but sometimes it is hard to put that realization to work.


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