Another Song

I posted a while ago the song “You Wouldn’t Cry” by Mandisa as a song that makes me think of my mom and makes me both sad and not. I say “and not” because I wouldn’t say it makes me happy, exactly, but there is some other feeling other than sad. It also makes me miss her terribly. This is another song that makes me think of her and miss her and all of that, but sort of brings me some comfort too because we both like(d) it. It’s called “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. The song is from the movie City of Angels, another movie we both love(d). I was told by a couple people that this good/nice/beautiful because it is something she and I shared since my sister didn’t really like the movie lol Perhaps this is so. Since I remembered this song a few weeks ago, I bought it on iTunes and for the the first time I actually listened to the words. It’s kind of sad, but it is a nice song also.


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