I miss my mom.

All this newness makes it that much more acute. I feel like it is harder because all of this comes in such a new place in a new time of my life…away from the comforts I have known for so long. I’m sure I can get through it,I just don’t like it. I’m uncomfortable and there’s nothing like that comfort zone,is there? Lol

I’m a little wary of going forward with this degree because of what it can mean for me on a personal level. I’m concerned that delving this deep into the spiritual is going to force me to face things I have been putting off or running away from. I guess that is a good thing though…right?

I’ll try to keep telling myself that lol today was orientation. Can’t believe I’m doing this. “This” being getting my MA and getting it in a ministry based field. Sorry to mention that again,but it’s mind-boggling! At least to me lol. I wish she was here. So much I want to talk to her about. I took my dean and Madame’s advice and started writing a letter to her. Supposed to be writing one to God too. I just want to talk to her sometimes though.


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