More to Come

Big news, lots of news. I moved, I’m starting grad school on Monday, I miss the DMV areas, I miss my friends and sisters, the city, etc.

I’m scared/nervous, but also excited.

It just hit me that I’m really starting a journey into ministry…something that I never really thought about before. Or something that I never gave serious thought to. It’s mind boggling and I feel like I’m not ready for all sorts of reasons.

Starting from scratch in a new place is weird and scary and I’m a little freaked out that things aren’t going to work out. I need a job. I’m blessed to have the sort of friends and sister-friends (lol) who will and have supported me and I assume will offer me sound advice…I’m still scared though.

Don’t get internet in the house until Monday, so this might be my last post until then unless I want to type from phone. I haven’t decided yet. Anyway..yea..
So how bout that Master’s Degree?




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