I have a few fears that I would call serious. One of them, since my mom died, is the fear of big plans or ideas or even dreams falling through and not having anywhere to go. I don’t feel like I have a home to go to..either here or back home, home. And that scares me. Plans right now, for grad school are in the works and I’m terrified that things won’t work out or that things will fall through in one way, shape, or form. I feel like if something happens, I have nowhere to go. I guess, more specifically, I feel like since I can’t go back to my mom or call her to ask her what to do, I feel like I have nothing. This is a big move for me, not even just literally. I think I will probably feel similar even when I graduate from grad school. I know worrying isn’t good and it sure isn’t beneficial. Puts a damper on things. I’m excited, but until I get there..I also feel wary.


One thought on “Nothing

  1. You can always come and stay in my little dorm room! But things are going to be fine Ade. I have no doubts. Yes your fears are real because you are doing something new but you gotta move out on faith. Remember isreal and new breeds song “Moving Forward”? this is your first step I guess you can say. I am excited for you! Nothing is going to fall through in any shape, way or form. Have faith sweetie! God’s got you!!!!!

    I love you Ade and will always be here for you :0)

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