One of the most annoying things I can think of right now,is having the thought to call my mother. Especially when it isn’t even like an, “I wish I could call her.”…those are bad enough,but at least I’m still rooted in the present. The annoying ones are when for some reason,it is like my mind has completely forgotten that I can’t and I will just be walking and think, “let me call mom,right quick.”. I promise,I almost grabbed my phone,too.

If that isn’t the definition of annoying…I don’t know what is.


One thought on “Annoying

  1. Oh Wow Ade! You are Right! That would be annoying! I wouldn’t even know what to do with that feeling.
    I can only imagine and my heart goes out to you….Wow!

    God sincerely be with you Dear! May He rise up within you and give you overwhelming, earth shattering Peace!

    Much Love!xoxoxo

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