Once Again

So once again, I’m tempted to apologize about the content of my blog. Maybe you all are getting tired of reading how I feel about..stuff..(life, me, my mom..etc.)..BUT..once again, I have to remind myself that this is ONE of the many uses of a blog. And if/when you all get tired of reading..well..I suppose you won’t read. Which, sad as it may make me, is your prerogative. 


So  I’ve been..what word should I use…drafted? Into doing this like 5 words of affirmation thing. It is a really good idea. I’m pretty sure I have suggested and/or drafted other people into doing it. I don’t like doing it though. lol

I think I like myself in…I don’t know..pieces. Or fragments. At angles or different perspectives. But never all of me, or me as a whole, or me straight on. Someone told me to put a pic of myself as a background on my phone and I was like, “yeah…no.”. I can’t do that. Too much like a mirror. I don’t like mirrors much. When I walk and I see my shadow, I like the way my shadow looks. (Maybe this is weird. Idk. My blog, my rules lol). But I know that if I turn and look into a mirror, I won’t like what I see. I can take pics at different angles, in different light. Sometimes I will like them. Idk. I know everyone doesn’t necessarily like themselves all of the time. I don’t expect that. I just feel like…the general rule of me, for me, is that I like glimpses of myself. But I can’t face myself (whether physically, symbolically, or whatever) because I don’t like what I see.


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