I Feel…

Happy. Right now, I feel happy. I read a blog this morning and the author asks if it is wrong to feel like the feeling of happiness is fleeting? I do not think so, no. I tend to feel the same way. I had a good night last night with Unplugged, Ace, and Futurama. Then Little One came over after work and we chilled a bit. Got a ride to work this morning (ppreciate it, Unplugged!) and had a great, funny convo with Lyrical Wisdom pretty much right up until this post. And yet…I feel like this happiness..can only last but so long. It seems as though as soon as I am aware of it, it makes it less likely to last. Or that I shouldn’t be feeling this way for some reason.

For the time being, though, I’m going to ride this wave.


2 thoughts on “I Feel…

  1. DeAnna says:

    I believe that happiness is fleeting. But that is why we have joy. If you truly have joy, it stays with you, and nothing can take that away…i actually blogged about this lol the difference between joy and happiness.

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