I had a good weekend.

Really. So good, in fact, I’m going to recount some of it for you here. If you have no interest in the goings on of my weekend, I suggest you skip this post and on to the next one. 🙂 Here we go:

Friday I went to an ASL (American Sign Language) Open Mic with Cataclysm & Cloud 9. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Always do I enjoy their company. If I had been more focused I could have learned a few new signs, but..WAIT! I did. I learned sorority. *signs SORORITY* (not that you can see it…). But yes. It was cool. There was this one young lady named Rosemary and she signed to songs and it was beautiful. She used her entire body while she signed, it was like a dance and her whole body, not just her hands, were very expressive. It was awesome. I can’t wait until the next one. I’m actually considering learning one of my poems in sign and performing it. Maybe…of course, if I do that, everyone has to do something.

Saturday, Cataclysm and I hung out, had some ‘connection time’. It was epic! Amazingness.  Mechanic, food (WENDY’S), hair (she did her hair lol) while we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (no meat? what do you mean he don’t eat no meat?? ah, it’s ok. I make Lamb! )  then..food and we watched Glee! I am SO behind on that show, it’s sad. I think I’m kind of slowly phasing TV out of my life…and replacing it with movies lol But I always enjoy watching Glee with Cataclysm. 🙂 Inserted in Glee, I had to help Futurama sort out stuff from the kitchen that was hers..that was sad..:-( then it was bedtime b/c the internet was acting up. SMH. All in all though, a splendid day. Truly.

Sunday, Cataclysm and I went to church (good message, was about not ignoring the poor God has assigned to you..or in other words, the person(s) in your life that you can help, but aren’t. Not necessarily [just] financially either), then I went to work (BOO) then came home ( and she went home. I cried.)  and tried to prepare my room for Monday lol I was planning to cook yesterday, so I was writing down what I needed to get from the store. I was SUPPOSED to be cleaning my room, but made a mistake and put Gilmore Girls in (I’m on…I might be on Season 3 now..). So from around 1030 I started watching GG..then Futurama came in my room and started watching with me and she got HOOKED! YES! Idk if she will watch it without me lol But we definitely watched GG from like 11pm to 1am. Greatness! Then it was time for bed lol

Monday, Monday, Monday! Actually, that should have gone with Sunday, but…I put it on Monday. So sue me. Monday was..HOT. So very hot. I despise hot weather. In truth, I don’t like being hot or cold. I like to be comfortable. Warm. So yesterday I did not like it. Woke up, Futurama & ET..no. Not the alien. He went home, remember?

I digress.

Futurama, ET, and I went to the store, I got my ingredients and went home. I bought a ZESTER! I was really excited. I needed it to zest a lemon, but I’ve never had one before and I feel like I’m creating a nice kitchen set/thing for myself. Anywho. The menu for yesterday? Hawaiian BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches from Tasty Kitchen and then The Pioneer Woman’s Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce. The latter was Futurama’s graduation gift (some of you may know this changed from her original request for a Cherry Pie) and the former was..just because I wanted to make it and it was easy and Unplugged wanted it lol My sous chef (I’m moving up in the world. never had a sous chef before. eh, Cloud 9!?) and guest for the day was  my fave neo aka Lil Fave aka Madame. After Futurama, ET and I got back from the store, I ate some cereal then tried to clean things for Madame’s arrival. She arrived (after a brief stop in New York 😛 ) and we got to work! Well. wait. No. She ate while I put the ingredients for the chicken sandwiches in the crockpot.

 **In hindsight, next time I think I need more BBQ Sauce. Or something. The sauce wasn’t as thick as I would have liked.**

But anyway, I put it all in the crockpot, set it for 7 hrs. Then onward we went. We watched the Little Mermaid (complete with deleted scenes, which we both agreed needed to be left out because…some of them were weird) then we made the peach crisp. Madame made the maple cream sauce while I started on the crumb topping and chopped the peaches. I would like to say she did a phenomenal job on the maple cream sauce and together we made a pretty darn good  peach crisp! Everyone really like it! Including Madame and she doesn’t even like peaches! I really want Cloud 9 and Cataclysm to taste it..but idk how much will be left over, so I’ll have to make it again lol After the crisp, we watched Despicable Me (click the link puh lease! it’s a clip! if it doesn’t work…sorry) because she had never seen it and it’s GREAT. She liked it though, so yay! I thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Aside from the fact I like her, she’s my fave neo after all. Duh. It was our first time really spending time together. Can’t wait for more to come tho!

Oh, I also went to Ace’s house last night. Even though I went to bed pretty much as soon as I got there, I liked that too 🙂 I like being in her presence. Got a nice aura, that one. lol

Featured Moments from this Fabulous Weekend:

  1. ASL Open Mic Night: Pretty much all of it. The inappropriate songs being signed at one point…I don’t even know who it was by, but Lil Wayne was involved, Cloud 9 laughing then realizing that people were not turning to stare at her smh Cataclysm signing to her friend a few tables away (she is so amazing! proud of her!), watching Rosemary perfom, and the dude that signed the jokes.
  2. Going to the mechanic with Cataclysm and praying to God that it wouldn’t be expensive..and it wasn’t!!! Also praying that Little One (aka Cataclysm..keep up with the names) gets a new car soon!
  3. Wendy’s!!! ‘Nuff said.
  4. Watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I love that movie and watching a movie with Little One, esp when she has never seen it, is always great 🙂
  5. Connection time with Little One!
  6. Cooking and hanging out with Madame! (and Madame zesting the lemon with my new ZESTER!)
  7. Having Madame tell me about my ‘looks’, when I didn’t give her one. & going through the Pizza & Pasta book and her saying what she would/wouldn’t eat and the reasons why/why not (hilarious)
  8. Madame saying “neat” 😛
  9. Bringin Ace food and her saying it was good (if she likes my food, it really makes me happy)
  10. Sad moment..Futurama packing up her room & stuff from the kitchen….we have lived together for 2 years..I am so going to miss her 😦

3 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. justlissen says:

    Your weekend sounds AWESOME! I have to hear why you call Little Lamb, Madame. That should be an interesting story. We really have to figure out how we got connected. I’m so proud of your Head Chef… I guess I can’t request your services as my sous-originale anymore? So anytime you wanna make me some maple cream peach crisp… let me know. I’m always down.
    Love you HoneyBee!

  2. De says:

    Lol…I actually don’t have a story for why I call her madame. I just started one day when she and I were talking and I kept it for her 🙂 She knows I call her fave neo..Lil Fave is short for fave neo. The ‘lil’ because (as I told her) she is a child. And yes, we must figure out how you and I became friends! And NO, I will ALWAYS be your sous chef! I’m not done learning your ways! And I’ll make it asap. Madame said I had to make it again one day..so perhaps sooner than later…

  3. DeAnna says:

    um. you probably did give her a look. it sounds like you, to give a look and not know it.

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