I Scream…

This is a poem I wrote last year. Posted it on facebook. Kind of how I was feeling last night, so decided to post it here. I’ll write another post in reference to last night. For now, here is “I Scream”-

I scream for those who can’t themselves

For those whose ears bleed from voices of the past

And have trouble looking forward from always walking back

I scream for those with broken hearts

Desperately trying to be made whole again

And freed from monsters of iniquity

I scream for those in unimaginable pain

Stained with anger and regret,seeking understanding

Feeling as though noone hears or understands

I scream for those who scream silently

Hiding behind laughter and smiles

Whose nights never end and tears never fall

I scream to expel what’s trapped inside

Sometimes words just aren’t enough

I scream for you


One thought on “I Scream…

  1. WOW!!!!! I am speechless. You have put into words what I feel on a daily basis. Thank you for this.

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