Christmas Music

Odd, maybe, to have a post called Christmas music in April. Well, you may or may not be surprised to find that I LOVE Christmas music. It matters not the season, time or place, if I have a feeling for some Christmas tunes, I will take myself over to AOL Radio and listen to their Christmas station called Holiday Classics. I love it. It’s great. I love Christmas and that station automatically puts me in a Christmasy type of mood. I think I wrote once before, either here or at my xanga blog (which I’m considering transporting here btw..) that it also reminds me of my mom, in a sense. Since everything went down before Christmas break, I guess that’s “normal”.

I remember telling someone else that my sister and I kind of feel like Christmas is just…there. I think we both went into it not expecting much from anyone. Maybe each other, but that’s it. I know she feels like she doesn’t have a ‘home’ to go to and I feel the same way. Nowhere to go where my mother resides. I go back home to see my sister mainly. My other family too, but I go for her. If I didn’t go, I know she would suffer.

So now, as much as I love Christmas and as happy as it and the music makes me…it also reminds me of that time. And how Christmas..or any other holiday…or life for that matter, will never be the same.

Some of my favorite songs are (idk why I’m listing these..just felt like it lol):

Christmas Shoes, Hard Candy Christmas, Last Christmas, The Christmas Song, any Christmas songs done by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (saw them in concert, it was great! Little One and I are going next year!), Grown Up Christmas List, Christmas Time Is Here (yes, from Charlie Brown Christmas!!!), Mele Kalikimaka, Baby It’s Cold Outside, Where Are You Christmas, and Believe.


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