I woke up this morning and I felt happy. I’ve written before how my realization of emotions can happen sometimes. It’s like something I walk past and then have to turn back and take a second look.

“Wait…what’s that?…right there!..Happiness? Oh,yea. I am happy.”

It’s interesting. This morning,though, I think my happiness was due to one main thing. I got a birthday gift last night. It’s not just that it was a bday gift,it’s that I got it not 10 seconds after I was telling myself now that my mom is gone,no one else cares. I think it was the timing too. Like God was like…”Hey…people care. And I do too.”

Maybe? So yeah. Then I got to thinking maybe I shouldn’t be happy. Not about the gift and such,but sometimes I don’t really understand it or I think it’s fleeting. I’m weird like that lol. My father called to tell me happi birthday and I had to tell him my birthday isn’t today lol My mom does the same every once in awhile. Of course,though, him calling made me think about how my mom won’t.


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