My birthday is next week. I was asked a few days ago if I was excited and I said I wasn’t. I feel a combination of things, to tell you the truth. Like I should be excited, but am not because at the same time I feel I shouldn’t. Then I also feel like it’s just a passing of time now.  I don’t know. I was given a lot of reasons for me to be excited or thankful. I’m thankful. I am. And I will be thankful for all the well wishes and happy birthday calls/texts/fbook msgs/emails or whatever that I get. I may even be a little excited on the day. Maybe. But I really wish she was here. Even though I’d be down here and she’d be in Rochester, I know exactly what would happen. I think I wrote about this on xanga, but I can’t help but recall it. I’d get a call either at like 7am or at 12pm (because she would know what time I’ll be up getting ready for work and what time I have lunch). As a matter of fact, I’d like to take this time to say that I’d probably be having my mom call me at 6:30am in an attempt to wake up at the time I should. But that’s neither here nor there lol

But I digress.

So she’d either call around 7am and/or around noon to tell me happy birthday and basically either recount my birth or some other story from when I was a child (and an awfully cute child at that) and I would say “thank u, mom”. Then she’d probably ask me what I was going to do and maybe mention that the card was on its way. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got additional calls after work, but I’d probably call her when I get off. Tell her how my day was, if anything interesting happened, about applying to grad school and all of that. That would be nice.


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