So this weekend has been great. Spending time with ANQ Fam, both new and old (meaning one’s I know and one’s I don’t, NOTHING to do with age lol). Praise & Worship, the sessions, the food, etc. etc. It’s also been nice to get away from home, get a vacation of sorts and a break from reality, I guess.

The song of the weekend has been “He’s Able”. I was telling my connection that this is one of the things I’m finding hardest to trust God about. I understand and know that He’s able about everything…except this. Or maybe it’s not so much that I think He’s not about this, but…I don’t know. My world has never been shaken like this before. And it’s hard because…idk. My dean said is there anything my mom can do that God can’t? No, there isn’t. Yet and still I just feel at a loss. I was telling another dove today that sometimes it’s like this world-changing event has happened and everyone in the world saw it happen and knows the traumatic effects it had and then forgot about it…except me. And my sister. Some days I barely think about it. I think everyday I do though. 


One thought on “Able

  1. mandarand says:

    She is definitely not forgotten. I often speak of her and how much I really miss her. Even drove by the apartment today and was telling my friend how wonderful your mother really was. Keep your head up chicky… Love you ❤ Manda

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