The Funni Thing About It Is…

The funni thing about it is I really had no intention of writing a second blog today. One generally is enough lol

But I’m sitting here with a few other people all here for the same reason I am- someone they know/love/are related to is in the hospital. It’s funni how having one thing in common with a group of strangers can unite people. I met one lady here (Ms. D) whose husband has been in the hospital for 4 weeks now. She’s a really sweet old lady. Funni how that one interaction, that one short conversation changed our status from strangers. I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again, but I’m certain I’ll remember her always and the small tidbits of her life that she shared with me. 

Funni how the first night I came here and saw this older gentleman playing his guitar and singing I (honestly) was just wondering why he was doing that because it was one less place I could go. But now, I’ve become used to it, in a sense, and I think it helps the people here. It soothes us, sort of. Sometimes he just plays and doesn’t sing. It’s then that my thoughts are free to roam inside of my head and with each note coming from the guitar, they ride up and around the room and neatly place themselves before me…in a bit of ordered chaos. 

Funni how seeing my father makes me think a lot more about the relationship we have. And now that my mom isn’t here, even more so. And given the nature of the visit…just a lot at once. Everything about this is so similar to two years ago except for my mother’s absence. Maybe a part of my thinking, then, is her presence. 


Funni how visiting my father makes me miss my mother. 


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