6 Months

Happi 6 months! Well…not happi 6 months. But yea. lol 

It’s been 6 months to the day. Well on June 7th. It may very well be June 8th by the time I post this. But yes. I had dinner with my stepfather the other night and he was saying how he can’t believe it’s been this long. I definitely agree..it’s amazing to me how so much time can pass, but at the same time none at all has. I feel like it was yesterday. Literally. 

I went by my mom’s grave today. One of my aunt’s took me. THAT was interesting. First of all, it was a small adventure in itself, finding her plot because the cemetery is HUGE. She said it’s the first of it’s kind in the country- a cemetery that’s like a park. Apparently people come and get tours through it. It is actually pretti beautiful…

I took my diploma to show. Was trying not to cry, but little by little I did. My famous “silent cry”…it’s funni how I use humor to downplay things or whatever lol I wonder how many people know I do that? 

It’s hard sometimes because I’m still stuck that it happened, you know? I want the world to stop and acknowledge this…this…crack in the world, this hole in my heart. I guess we did. Like I said, amazing how time can pass and not pass at the same time. 


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