This morning I read Hebrews 11. When I looked at that reference, I thought “hey, I’ve read that or part of that chapter before, I know what it’s about”. Last night I really felt like I was losing faith. In many things in my life…and if that’s every happened to you, you know that’s not a good thing. Losing faith can lead to a plethora of bad things: lack of motivation, hope, depression..the list could go on and on. One of my pet peeves is repetition, but Hebrews 11 does a good job of repeating things and I have to say, I like it. “By faith…” “By faith…” “By faith…” “By faith…”….Over and over and over. Various accounts of different people are told and how they did one thing or another “by faith”. We can’t have faith in circumstances or even people. Well, we can, but we shouldn’t have the bulk of our faith there. Our faith, our hope needs to be in God, first and foremost, then it can trickle down into the other areas. If we lose hope in the small things, we need to remember that we should still have hope in God because He is the ultimate source of everything. Of our strength, our hope, our joy, and our faith. Every once in awhile, you may lose faith in what you are doing or people or whatever. If that happens, turn back to God. Ask Him to remind you of your faith in Him, or if you’ve even started to lose faith in Him, ask Him to restore your faith in Him. God’s good at restoration…it’s one of many things that He does. He’ll restore you back to where you should be or need to be, all you have to do is seek Him. This morning, my prayer is that we will seek God in such a way that we regain our faith in everything. Starting with Him and flowing down to each and every area that is lacking or, if not lacking, giving it a little extra. You can never have too much.

Keep the Faith


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