It’s my birthday. Yay! I am 22 years old today. Can’t believe it…I actually feel kinda old. 21 is like that age where you’re finally legal or whatever, but after that is seems you just get older. Or so I’m told. I do feel old because a lot of my close friends are younger than me. But that’s ok.

My mom and I talked about today…I would tell her, “Mom, I’m going to be 22” and she would start talking in this baby voice about how I was growing up and such and such until finally I would have to stop her- “Mom”…”ok,ok,ok” she’d say. From there we’d probably go off to talking about graduation which would, again, send her off into the stroll down memory lane and she’d say, “A-tay…you’re graduating!” ….”I know, right..”, I would reply. Then we’d probably move on to whatever other conversation topic struck our fancy. Am I excited that today is my birthday? Yes, I am. Am I as excited as I could/should be? No, I’m not. Every so often my mind will linger on the call or call(S) that won’t come, the card that will be missing one signature…I kinda wonder how many times today I’ll think about it. It’s about 3:35am right now. Either one of two things would have happened. Either around midnight or midnight thirty she would have gotten up and called me and being still sleepy, but very excited told me “Happy Birthday, baby”..or, if she had had an especially long day or was just tired, she might wait until 6:00am or 7:00am this morning to call me and say the same. She’d be telling everyone at her job that today was her oldest daughter’s birthday and that I’d be graduating soon. EVERYONE. Matter of fact, not even just at her job, everyone in Rochester. She would be that excited. And that excitement, I suppose, always kinda infected me, you know? Not that it’s impossible for me to enjoy my birthday, but THIS birthday…the first birthday…kinda difficult.

I was talking to a few of my friends who are also from either NY or CT and we were just saying how pretty much no matter the amount of snow (even the amount that the DMV has gotten this week and last weekend) NOTHING would have been closed lol Looking out the window just now at the endless flakes of snow pouring from the sky and thought of my mother. How she hates/hated (I’m still not comfortable referring to her or about her in the past) the cold. Like could not stand it!!! And she (as some of you may know, though I try to hide it lol) would get THE BIGGEST attitude if she was cold. Something my sister and I can do also, especially if we get cold enough. I didn’t understand until I got older just how much being cold can ruin someone’s day.

Anway. Today’s my birthday.

Oh and my mom loves/loved Kenny G, so that’s what I chose to listen to. He’s an awesome musician. Should def check him out.


2 thoughts on “2.10.2010

  1. Futurama09 says:

    I Love you ade! Im here for you. the only thing that separates us is a thin little wall, and even then i think you know i can and will bust through. 

  2. kiddBLACK says:

    happy belated Adeola!

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