I had a dream about my mother the other night. It was great. My sister, stepfather and i went out of town or something and we stayed at this house/lodge. Then we went to this hotel for dinner, but when we were leaving the hotel I decided to stay…I guess I needed space or something. Idk how long I stayed at the hotel, I just knew it was a significant amount of time because I was finally like “ok I guess I shud go back now”. So I was calling the house to ask my sister to ask him to come get me or ask him myself but I assumed she would answer the phone.
So when the other end of the line was picked up, I started to speak, but then my mom started talking. And she just talked and talked and talked and i didnt say nething cuz in my head im like i kno this can’t be real.
 But then in the dream, i realized that it was supposed to be like a representation of me thinking about her and she just kept talking. i dont remember everything she said except towards the end she said:

” i want to come c u but i cant. i cant come this weekend/week but i will. “
  and by that point i had started crying and i just kept saying “ok, mom. ok.”

  and then i woke up.

This was the first time I’ve dreamed about my mom. My sister said she’s dreamed of her a couple times and even when I told her about my dream, she said hers weren’t like this one. And the night before I was thinking about why I hadn’t dreamed of her yet. So I thanked God for it. It was so good to hear her voice. So so good.

As of 2/7/2010 it’s been 2 months exactly. Now that it’s 2/8/2010, it’s been 2 months and a day.


One thought on “Dreaming

  1. Futurama09 says:

    God has a funny way of letting us know that everything is gonna be alright. I guess that why hes the man! Gotta love him for that. Your mom and him are looking down and you and they are extreamly proud of how strong you are! 

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