Can I take a minute…?

I just wanted to take a minute and reflect on the awesomeness of God. Like my God is real. He continues to give me favor and bless me even though I mess up. Lately I’ve really been realizing that God has placed certain people in my life for a reason. I mean, I’ve always known that to an extent, but now I’m seeing the actual reasons. I’ll randomly start forming relationships with people and months afterwards I’ll see their purpose in my life.

I’m also realizing the importance of keeping such things in the forefront of my mind. Thoughts can be so powerful and if they go in the wrong direction, they can surely bring and keep you down. Gotta put my armor on and remember that Ephesians 6:10-18 doesn’t just refer to physical protection. Spiritual warfare is no joke..something that I’m learning from someone else actually. Well, being reminded of, really. It’s funni how sometimes I can know something, but as time goes on, as I get older, I tend to forget. Sometimes God has to bring something to my remembrance through someone else. I’m grateful for the reminder, but I do get frustrated with myself wondering why I won’t remember? But, as I said, I am grateful that my Daddy loves me so much that He doesn’t mind gently reminding me of things over and over and over and over and over and over again.


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