Don’t Be Afraid…Just Believe Part 1

SO…I’m taking the advice of two doves that I love dearly. One suggested that I blog about it and the other basically suggested that I take some “serious” action regarding all the madness in my life. I say “serious” action because, for me, it is just that: very serious. It’s not necessarily bad, but it involves me stepping out of my comfort zone which is something that I dislike doing. I dislike it with the fire of a thousand suns. But we can’t be stagnant or stationary in life, now can we? If we were, how would we grow?

So I was on my way to work the other day when all of a sudden the story- well it’s not a story, because it happened. Hmm…Anyway. About when Jesus raised the little girl from the dead. So I pulled out my Bible and was trying to find it, but wasn’t having any success. My first response was to call my mother, she’s my very own personal concordance..but she wasn’t in her office or something, so I googled it and shazam! Mark 5:21-36. So I read it and two things stuck out to me.

1) The father first comes to Jesus and asks him to heal his daughter because she is dying. Jesus starts to go with the man, but Jesus was “interrupted” (I’m sure the man felt that way, like ummm my child is dying!) by the woman with the issue of blood. Once Jesus finished talking to her, they continued on their way, but some men came and told him that the little girl had already died and that there was no reason for him to bother Jesus anymore.

This stuck out to me because oftentimes I’ll have an issue or a problem and I’ll pray about it or get some encouragement about it then all of a sudden something happens or someone else says something to me that just completely shuts me down. And I kinda feel like that…like well, why should I even bother God about it anymore? For whatever reason..what reasons we have for taking our eyes off God.

2) This is what got me. In verse 36, Jesus told the man, DON’T BE AFRAID, JUST BELIEVE. That is SO what I needed to hear. In so many areas of my life things seem to happen, whether because of me or other people..or both that contributes to me taking my eyes off Jesus..or makes me deaf to God’s voice. Now that is true madness.

This is getting long, but the point is God was just like Ade, don’t be afraid of what’s happening in your life. Don’t be afraid of the struggles you may be going that I can and will get you through it. Not that only that, but trust that you’ll come out of it better, having learned something. DON’T BE AFRAID..JUST BELIEVE. Believe ME and noone else. Listen to ME and noone else. Especially not yourself.

I tell you, ladies and gentlemen (or xanga void), I am my worst enemy at this point. The doubts, the negative thoughts, the not trusting God..all of it comes from me. Even if there are people out there adding to the negativity, all I need to do is shut them down (still in a loving way, but my point is to make sure they can’t change my mind about what God says) and keep it pushin. Ok..part 1 is done. Over and out.


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