Keep the Rhythm

Today was an interesting day. Interesting in many ways..some good, some not so good. I actually dropped my tooth brush in the toilet this morning, but the uneasiness, I guess you could say, started last night.

I can go to bed and wake up and tell I had a…not so slumbering sleep. Which may not make sense…because I kinda made that up lol but like if I go to sleep with a certain attitude or mindset, I wake up one of two ways: refreshed and over it or if it’s really weighing heavily on my mind, then I wake up almost like I was thinking all of it while I was sleep. So that’s how I woke up…then I dropped my toothbrush…wait, let me pause. How, you ask, did I drop it in the toilet? No…I wasn’t brushing over the toilet..I wasn’t thinking philosophically and in a sudden “a-ha!” moment, flung the toothbrush into the lavatory abyss…quite honestly I don’t know how it happened. I think maybe I tripped…but I don’t remember tripping…I just know I made some movement, and the next thought in my head was “aw man, I hope it doesnt-“..and it did. So yea. THEN I missed my bus (secretly I think it came early), got on another bus, went to work, did some work, saw my line sister at work (shout out to my anchor!)..came bak to silver spring. I was actually kind of surprised I got through the day like I did.

Fortunately, I serve a God who is so much bigger than my circumstances or my thoughts. Cuz today, was infinitely thoughts were infinitely better than they were yesterday. I don’t know what He did..but He did something. You ever just want to praise God for being God? Like just for being Him..for blessing you..even when you don’t know exactly how? That’s how I felt today. How I feel now. Life is hard…old habits die hard sometimes, but you gotta keep movin forward (reference to Meet The Robinsons, for those you who aren’t in the know). Keep movin forward with God as your focus. I have to constantly remind myself of things, otherwise my view gets cloudy…forget the glasses, I’m straight blind!And it happens..and I remember..I’m still working on making it constant…it’s like double dutch, gotta keep the rhythm..God rhythm…stay on your toes, so you don’t mess up, don’t get caught in the ropes and go down. But the good thing is, even if you do go down or get tangled…God’s there to pick you up and help you get back on track.


2 thoughts on “Keep the Rhythm

  1. kiddBLACK says:

    great post sis…I love how you put your words together…the “aww man, I hope it doesn’t” part was hilarious

  2. SaBeane says:

    Two thumbs up!

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